Monday, February 25, 2013

Review- Adventure Cove Waterpark

Last Saturday, I made my second trip to Adventure Cove Waterpark with three of my friends. For those who're seeking for thrills and especially for families, Adventure Cove Waterpark is definitely a place for you guys. So if you're still wondering where is this place, Adventure Cove Waterpark is located in Resort World Sentosa. It's placed just behind the S.E.A Aquarium. You might have a little trouble finding it at first, but be sure to just look around for the signs.

So why am I saying it is a great venue for thrill seekers and families? There are varieties of slides which you can try. Adventure River which is known as the Lazy River, Bluwater Bay which is known as the Wave Pool, and there's some other names of the slides which I can't remember!

This is the Wave Pool which is known as Bluwater Bay!

If you're wondering what's the scariest thrilling slide, look out for Riptide Rocket!

But this might not be the most suitable if you’re looking for the serious adrenaline rush that something like a roller coaster can provide. Even for the faint hearted like me, I've never had the guts to sit a roller coaster before! So if you're wondering did I took the ride?


Amazing right?

Because why... on my first visit, we actually didn't know which slides to try first. So it just so happens that we queued for Riptide Rocket, and there you go........ it was the scariest ride of all. Serve me right! Ha ha ha. Well it's actually good that I didn't know, or else I wouldn't even want to try. Now I can say that I proudly tried the ride before, ok? :p

Dueling Racer. I personally love this ride too! Basically you'll be given like a foam mat and slide it down with your superman style :p 

What I love about Adventure Cove Waterpark, it's really different from any other waterpark that I have been. Not that it's just about slides, look out for the section called Raybay and Rainbow Reef. Adventure Cove offers encounters with marine life. Rainbow Reef is definitely a highlight that you must try!

It actually gives us a chance to snorkel with all the beautiful fishes inside! For a non-swimmer like me, it was really frightening at first. I was worried if I'll get drowned, LOL! But, not to worry, you'll be given a life jacket, mask and snorkel. Participants will be briefed with safety guidelines before going in the tank. There are several lifeguards around. All you have to do is be calm and swim with the fishes.... and you'll be amazed. Yes, no additional charges. It's definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Now I can proudly say, I've done snorkeling before :p

These are some of the shots taken by me while my friends snorkel..

So over at the Raybay, visitors will get a chance to put on gloves and boots to feed the rays. If you're still lost about what Ray is, Ray is equals to = STINGRAY! Hahahaha yes, stingray! I didn't get to try this, but if I'm not mistaken, you can register your slots at the Guest Services at the entrance with a seperate fee of $20.

Not only that, there's Dolphin Island too!!

 Sadly, it's still not opened yet :( We managed to get a glimpse of the dolphins swimming. I'm defintely going there again once it's opened. Heard that we can swim with the dolphins... wah. But I'm pretty sure that would be another additional cost.

Another interesting section would be the Splashwork. In consist of a few activies such as a balance beam, a tight rope kind of thing and another one I don't know what it's called. There's also a "cliff jumping" but it wasn't really a cliff, it's just like a platform for you to jump. Haha. I didn't try any of it because, the water is 4.0m deep. YES, obviously I didn't try because you must be a competent swimmer to try these activities.

Since we went on a Saturday, we had to queue for every almost slides that I went. As compared to my first visit which on a weekday, I don't even remember queueing for any! So, my advice would be go on a weekday and preferably in the morning if you really wanna make full use of your time there.

My biggest complain would be... THE LOCKERS! It's reeeeeally expensive! $10 for a small locker and $20 for a big locker. Non-reundable. But lockers can be opened and locked again as many times as needed. So if you're going in a group of friends, chut chut money and share one big locker ok?

More information:
  • Operating Hours: 10am-6pm daily
  • Admission Fee: $29 for adults (13yrs & above), $20 for children, $20 for senior.
It's really worth the money! :)

I hope I've shared much information for all of you out there. Do try it out! :)
Lydia Izzati


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  2. Great post! Check out some of our tips from our visit to Adventure Cove Sentosa as well!

    Happy Travels Everyone!



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