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Pesta Perdana 12

Pesta Perdana 12

Here's a long overdue post of Pesta Perdana 12!

So, I was invited to attend this event together with my boyfriend, opps, no I mean my daddy. Where else everyone else came with partners, he was my partner for the night :p
During the red carpet..

Oh! Before the event, I had a hard time thinking what to wear. My mindset: Do not overdress! (Unless I'll be receiving an award, hahahahahaha) The theme was Black & White, and I decided to go for White, of course. Who says you need to spend hundreds to look good?! I spent less than $50 for my overall look! :p

My dress: $21 
My headpiece: $19.50 
My belt: $8
What's the trick? Shop online!

Wohoooo! Happy girl! Million thanks to my sponsors for the night,  Natasya Rahim from Bella Sue Bridal Couture for dolling me up with her magical touch! She did my make-up and hairdo :)

There wasn't any much photos taken from my iPhone because firstly, when there's always such events, when we're all too excited to see everyone, we'll just go "Ahhhhhhh! *hug* Oh my god! So long never see you!" blah blah blah and the conversation keeps on going and then..... you realized you forgot to take a picture. Secondly, the post-reception event area was a little bit dark, therefore the quality of photos isn't that great. At that point of time, I really wished I got a camera with me. Sobs! :(

To summarize things up, I really enjoyed the night! Once in a while seeing everyone all dressed up, catching up with each other. 

Here are a few photos taken for the night. Some photos credits to Mediacorp Suria and PujanggaMalam.

Congratulations to Anak Metropolitan 3 for clinching the Rancangan Paling Popular (Most Popular Program) and Lagu Tema Terbaik (Best Theme Song) tittle! I'm so proud of each and every one of us! 
So glad to be part of this drama, hehe.

Not forgetting, my dearest atuk Osman Jailani for winning the award! 
"Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik dalam Watak Pembantu- Drama Khas" (Best Actor in Supporting Role- Drama Special) 
After all the years being in the industry, he deserve this! Again, I'm so proud to be in the same drama, again! Hehe.

And of course, kawan menang, kita tumpang gembira! Hooray!
Congrats once again Izzatt for winning Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik dalam Watak Pembantu- Drama Bersiri (Best Actor in Supporting Role- Drama Series)

And of course, I'm so proud of my babygirl! Congratulations Nadiah M. Din for winning the Fun Awards "Crook Paling Terror" (Best Villain)
She started off the same year as me, about 13 years back. Seeing her grow over the years in this acting industry, she really inspires me to be better too. I really wish to see you being successful up there one fine day, baby! You know I'm always here for you. *hugs&kisses*

And of course, the day before Pesta Perdana, we did our last minute shopping! 

 Sorry for the side-track.. hehe. Back to flooding the photos!

Me and my Anak Metropolitan 3 casts..
Brother from another mother, Alfian Rahim.

With Nufail Sazali, or in case ya'll remember him as Azwan in Anak Metropolitan 3.

And as expected, Syarif won the Personaliti Lelaki Paling Popular (Most Popular Male Personality)
Congratulations, Syarif!

With my best AP, Remy! 

Daddy with his good old friend, Hasnul Rahmat.
Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik Dalam Watak Utama Drama Bersiri (Best Lead Actor- Drama Series)

Ariati Tyeb Papar, Pelakon Wanita Terbaik Dalam Watak Utama Drama Bersiri (Best Lead Actress- Drama Series)
Simply love her acting! She's really good.

Daddy with Abang Faisal Ishak! 
Who would have known, he's becoming a successful director and a filmmaker across! Such an inspiration! For those who have yet to watch the movie Juvana, please do so and support! :)

Highlight of the night, with Abang Long/Abang Besar from KL Gangster, Aaron Aziz! 
Another successful man whose doing very well across. 
Hehehe I was literally fan girling standing beside him :p

With the upcoming actor, Fido, and of course, the good-looking man, Hisyam Hamid. 

Me and my stunning drop-dead gorgeous mummy, Wahyu Rahman! 
My mummy on screen, hehe.

With Hasif Nasir.
Very talented lah this boy! Seen him from a little boy till he's all grown up.  

Me and my Leo sister, Shenty Feliziana. 
We somehow look a little, alike? :p

And of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a picture of me and my sexy girlfriendsssssssss!
From left, Nurul Nabilah, Nadiah M Din & Shenty Feliziana. 

Congratulations to the rest of the winners and nominees! Till we meet again in the next Pesta Perdana :)

Lydia Izzati

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