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Advertorial- Hair Sponsorship Shunji Matsuo (1st & 2nd trip!)

Hair Sponsorship- Shunji Matsuo

If you have followed me in Twitter and Instagram, you would have probably know or have a rough idea about my new hair sponsorship. So let me do a proper introduction, presenting to you my new hair sponsorship..

I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu!
Address: Far East Plaza #01-35, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213 | Tel: 6737 5311

So a brief background about I*CON Shunji Matsuo..

Co-owned and managed by Lily Xu and a team of Japanese-trained stylists, I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu incorporates the latest Japanese cutting, perming, colour and styling techniques to re-create the latest looks of Japanese hairstyles currently sported by Japanese celebrities, the undisputable trendsetters of popular fashion in Asia. The salon also offers a range of special hairstyling products and hair treatments from Arimino Japan that contains a unique formulation specially developed for Asian hair.

Just a little heads up, it's located at Far East Plaza #01-35. So happy! It's very convenient for me because.. whenever I'm in town I'll always have my lunch/dinner at Level 5. So, yay to that!

So when I was first offered a contract with them, I was so elated! I've read up good reviews about their services, and of course...I'm soooooo excited! *jumps around*

Bohooooo dry ends :'(

On my first visit, my personal stylist, Fann, examined my hair first. She asked me my preference of styles, so she'll know what to do with my hair. She told me my ends was very very dry and damaged, as predicted, what's new. I'm always exposed to hair straightener and tongs and hair sprays, that explains. After much discussions and considerations, she decided on doing Soft Rebonding for my hair!
No more ironing of hair everyday before going out! Yippeee yay!

Initially I wanted to perm or color my hair, but she advice me not to do it first, as it'll get more dry and damaged. Of course, I'll listen to her! Hence, I leave it to her good hands and let her do the magic :D

First step: Hair cut
Trimmed: 2inch

A little note to all. When your hair is dry, it'll tangles during wash. And therefore, it'll leads to hair loss. So it's important to trim your ends away frequently.

Second step: Hair treatment
Product used: Sherpa product

Sherpa products are mainly put on before and after rebonding. Sherpa is a hair treatment line that not only prolong the effects of coloring, perming and straightening procedures, but also continues to replenish the hair with essential nutrients on a daily basis, resulting in healthier, shinier and manageable hair.

Third step: Soft Rebonding process
Product used: Cosme Cream
Process: 15mins

So I've read up reviews about this product. Cosme Cream actually helps to soften the hair texture. Cosme Cream is a little different from the usual rebonding, it actually gives a more natural finish and it's less damaging than normal rebonding. So, you won't expect it to look super straight and flat, just like how I wanted! Natural look :)

After which, it's time for ironing!

Fourth Step: Ironing

That's Fann, my personal hairstylist! She's super cute, haha. Fann has experienced in hairdressing for almost 10 years now. So honoured to have her as my hair stylist!

And last but not least, the final step..

Fifth Step: Neutralization
Duration: 15mins

This is to ensure that the iron will last longer :)

And after which, hair wash and blow dry...

Feels so pampered to having two person doing my hair, lol!

And here's the final result..

Super silky straight and soft!
No more to ironing my hair everyday before going out, yay.

That's Fann on the left, my personal hairstylist.
On the right, Lily Xu, co-owner of Shunji Matsuo. She's really nice! Throughout the process, she asked  me how's everything, how am I feeling, and ensure everything goes smoothly. Two thumbs up for their service!

Here's a few photos afterwards.. 
Pardon me if the photos aren't that clear cus it's taken from my iPhone 5.

Oh wait, I'm not done yet! :p

The following week, I head down again for my hair treatment. Fann was really kind enough, couldn't thank her more for taking good care of my hair.
So my hair treatment is called "NP3 Hair Treatment"

NP3 hair treatment-  it's a new generation neoprocess treatment system, not only it repairs your hair to it's healthy state, it last up till 28 days.

In this box, it contains four bottles.

Very small and sleek! See, the size of my palm. 

And it's in PINK!

Based from Fann, the pink one is much more stronger, therefore with the patented formula, it's suitable for rapid repairing and and moisturizing for dry hair. The treatment system for exclusive use of damage hair, having a long sustained effect to regain shiny fresh and young hair.

Step 1: To infuse nourishment, lipid in between hair cells and ultra moisturization to your hair.
I guess it's pretty to use them, each bottle has their numbering in it. So you'll know which to use first.

Apply Step 1, gently massage for 2-3 minutes, leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

While waiting, I snapped some photos again, lol!

Step 2: Forms a strong foundation to prevent loss of nourishment

Next, towel dry my hair, and followed by applying part 2 on my hair, gentle massage 1-2 minutes. They then continue doing with step 3, without rinsing it.

Step 3: To finish with support cuticle and further repair hair

Applied part 3 on my hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes.

Me, camwhore-ing again! Lol! Just looked at my super shagged face :(

And last but not least, the lasts step!

3.1 is a deep moisturizing conditioner, it can be used as hair treatment conditioner. 

And I'm all done! Of course, my hair is much healthier and silkier, again. Hehe such a happy girl!

I forgot to snap a photo of my hair in the salon, but here's some of the photos afterwards.
 Faruq fetched me after that and we had lunch at ayam penyet ria, hehe.
He commented that I'm getting chubbier?! Omg. :(

 Love love loveeeee my hair.

 No more dry frizzy hair! Hehe.

Overall, I'm pretty much satisfied with their service! Two thumbs up! 

A little tips to ladies out there from my stylist, it is important to do hair mask at home at least twice a week =)

Check out the promotion they are having now, specially for damaged/dry hair.

Specially for my readers. Don't forget to quote my name "Lydia" for 10% promotion off chemical services! You can look out for my stylist Fann, or a few other professional hairstylist available. 

Call 6737 5311 to book your appointment! :)
Address: Far East Plaza, #01-35, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213 | Tel: 6737 5311

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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