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Advertorial- Bottom Slim

Before I begin, this post is specially for those of you out there who've always dreamt of having a desired body shape but don't even have time to do anything about your figure. As we all know, even with exercise, some areas are simply difficult to reduce. Or must I say, stubborn fats. It is important to keep ourselves motivated. Often, we gave up hope halfway when we didn't see the results that we wanted.

Yes, I am guilty for that.

Oh come on, who doesn't!?

When I was first contacted for this advertorial with Bottomslim, I was elated and nervous at the same time. Before you readers start having bubble thoughts on your head...

"Omg! So slim already for what!"
"Are you kidding me you're going for a slimming appointment?!"

CUT THAT OUT. Okay. Let me explain..


Please continue reading..


At Bottomslim, they are specialized in body shaping solutions for the lower body like tummy, hip and tighs. Bottomslim (Pioneer in Lower Body Slimming) helps to trim away additional bulge. Bottomslim also helps to maintain and contour your body shape even when you're dealing with your busy schedule, so fret not! Leave them to do wonders to your body! 

Bottomslim was the main sponsor of Star Awards 2013

So, better idea now? It's more of toning the body!

I had so many people coming up to me telling me I've lost so much weight over the past years. Honestly, I don't know. I didn't had any strict diet, I ate reaaalllyyyy a lot (only my family & close friends will know!)... so I don't really know.

Believe me or not, I do face lower body issues. Yes, I might look small, slim and petite, but that doesn't mean I'm all perfect. I HAVE ISSUES TOO!

The Consultation Process

During my consultation process, I found out something scary about myself... I actually have cellulites and stretch mark on my tighs! :O :O :O Not only that, my consultant told me that my body shape was inappropriate. I was more concerned on my tummy area. I believe it's every girl's nightmare trying our best to "take a deep breath and suck our tummy in" whenever we're taking pictures. Lol! Admit it! I do it too, okay.

I do exercise regularly, well, most of the time. Then again, those fats just won't go away! Then...I found out I'm actually facing two problems, "Water Retention" and "Bulging Tummy". This is due to the amount of unhealthy food intake that I consume almost every day. Yes, again, I am guilty for that. I'm always consuming junk foods like McDonalds and KFCs all the time :/

So, I was recommended to do the APL Treatment- Aids in reducing water retention in localized area, contouring and correcting figure shapes & Thermal Infra Red Therapy- It helps to break down the cellulite and tone the muscles.

Personalized Analysis & Treatments 

They brought me into a very cozy and comfortable treatment room, decorated with lovely rose petals all over. For once I felt so pampered! Hehe. I'm loving the ambience! Got myself changed into the robe that was given to me. 
Had my measurements taken first!

Till then I found out.... I was actually underweight! Standing at 165cm tall, my weight was supposed to be 55kg instead. All along, I thought my weight was acceptable :/

And so the treatment begins!

The treatment start off with a vacuum treatment on my tummy, which lasted about 20 minutes. I was actually expecting it to be painful but it was fairly painless! 

The second treatment is the Thermal Infra Red Therapy where it further breaks down the cellulite and tones the muscles. During this procedure, I felt stinging hot sensation due to the radiation but, it was bearable. 

The whole process was so comfortable! I even fell asleep during my second treatment!

For those of you who are worried about diet pills, side effects and so on. Not to worry! Bottomslim only uses natural and herbal ingredients to complement with their in-house proprietary, clinic-tested slimming techniques and equipments to alleviate to your problems. 

As soon as I'm done with my first treatment, I could feel my whole body was a lot firmer! Especially my thighs area! I hope it'll remain this way till the rest of my life, hehe. 

Now, specially for my readers! 


Q: Name a part of your body you would like to slim down
- Tummy
-Buttocks (Perk-up)

AND BottomSlim will do it for you! 

All entries are entitled to:
- 4 complimentary BottomTrip Therapy worth $2,488
-First 50 entries will get a GSS Welcome Pack worth $688 + QuickWIN Dip with up to $1000 worth of Shopping Vouchers! (H&M/Sephora/Forever 21)

How to enter?
Simply leave your details at this link: 

You'll never know if it's your lucky day! :)

Terms & Conditions applies.
-Female above 18 years old and above only
-Treatment voucher applicable for non-promotional services only
-Strictly by appointment only
-Promotion valid for 2 months

BottomSlim is conveniently located at various outlets: 

Ngee Ann City
391B Orchard Road #05-18 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #B2-33, Singapore 208539

Square 2 (Novena)
10 Sinaran Drive, #03-11/19 Novena Square 2, Singapore 307506

Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade, #02-67, Singapore 449269

Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central #03-31, Singapore 556083

Jurong East
Blk 134 Jurong East Gateway Road #01-311 Unit 3, Singapore 600134

Don't miss out on this great opportunity! :)

Lydia Izzati

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    Firstly, they'll ask you to fill up a form on your medical history, then ask you to sign it.
    Then they'll bring you to a consultation room in which they will spend at least 1 HOUR hard selling their packages to you!!! And of course tell you how TERRIBLE your tummy/thighs/cellulite are! Even if you say you're just here for the free trials, THEY WON'T LET YOU OFF.
    If you don't buy their packages, they'll just anyhow do a 40 min treatment for you while hard-selling their packages in the midst!!! And even after you have done you treatment. Basically, NON STOP HARD-SELLING!
    I guess the staffs only treat bloggers nice because they are advertising for BottomSlim. Otherwise if you are just a reader / regular customer, it's just non stop hard-selling. Very bad service!
    I'm not the only one who encountered this. If you want more reviews (all of which are BAD), go to these links:


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