Thursday, June 6, 2013

Singapore Social Concert/Cousin's Solemnization/Dirty Dancing

Pardon me of the lack of updates! It's only the first week of June and I'm already packed with so many things the whole entire month! It's been a crazy hectic week for the first month of June. I had so much things to do, so many events to attend, so many things to blog about, yet so little time :(

So let's start of with....

Singapore Social Concert

As ya'll know, we GC bloggers were invited to attend the concert. Remember the post about
"The Social Star Awards & The Singapore Social Concert"? Uh huh, that's what I'm talking about. The rest of the bloggers met up first at Bayfront MRT Station. It was my first time meeting the rest of GC bloggers, so I'm really shy.

Meet the bloggers! 
Collette Miles, Me, Asyiha Ams, Tyler Hikaru, Eunice Annabel, Xavier Ong

 Thank god for having Asyiha around, she made it less awkward for me! Lol.  

With the gorgeous Eunice Annabel! 
(Photo grabbed from her blog!)

Well, I gotta admit that I was looking forward for Carly Rae Jepsen & PSY's performance. However, I was a little upset in the end. I personally felt that Carly's performance was a little bit to draggy, it's as if she was singing all her songs from the album. I was hoping she would sing "Call Me Maybe" but.... she sang it LAST. Yes, last. Tsk! I left halfway because I was too dehydrated. Felt like I was about to faint. I didn't had a proper meal before that, that explains. 
Can you imagine..

I nearly fainted. But i managed to make my way out and sat at the corner to cool myself down. Hahaha! Lesson learnt, have a light meal before going to a concert! 
PSY's performance was the best! He made it short and simple, singing all his hits song. Me & Asyiha was really enjoying ourselves dancing and jumping to all his catchy songs. Lol! 
Ended our night by having supper at Satay By the Bay. Thank you Gushcloud and Starcount! 
(Some of the photos grabbed from Asyiha's blog)

Sutra Magazine Photoshoot
Did a photoshoot with Sutra for July's Hari Raya edition. Had to wake up as early as 6am in the morning, as my call-time was 8.30am at Changi Village Hotel. Imagine me, traveling all the way from Chua Chu Kang to Changi early in the morning!? Thank god my daddy saved my life! Heh. 

Putting aside the slow service from the hotel management side, everything else went pretty well. everyone had a great time during the shoot! I'll upload the official photos once it's out! :)

Straight away after my shoot, I made my way to the airport to send my brother off. He'll be going on his backpacking trip for.... 2 MONTHS. Yes, two freaking months. Hopefully he'll have a safe journey to and fro, and please come back in one piece!

Kak Masurah's Solemnization Day
On the very next day, it was my cousin's solemnization day. There's so many things going on at this particular day. I had to give GC Weekend and Mae's Birthday party a miss, sadly. But it's okay.

Family comes first, of course! 

I've always love family occasions. It was really nice seeing all of our family members gathered under one roof. 

During the akad nikah. I couldn't believe I actually teared! Emotional moments~ Alhamdulilah, everything went smoothly. 


Congratulations once again, my dear cousin!
You're not just a cousin, you're more of like a sister to me. I've always look up to you in every single thing that you do. Even up till today, I still can't believe you're already married. Haha! 
Nevertheless, may you'll be blessed with good health and with all the happiness around you. 
Love you, always!

Dirty Dancing

On the very next day, I've attended Dirty Dancing!
"Dirty Dancing is an unprecedented live experience, exploding with heart-pounding music, passionate romance and sensationally-sexy dancing."

Definitely one of the best musical ever! Believe it or not, I've actually watched the movie years back. When I was told that we, GC bloggers, were invited to catch the musical, I was so elated!

I've always loveeeeee watching musicals. I grew up watching em. Back then, my dad used to be actively involved in musicals, in malay terms, it's called "Bangsawan". I could still remember spending my day over at Victoria Theatre Concert Hall watching him rehearsing till his performance day. Good old memories!

After the show, all of us were given the privileged to have a short backstage tour. Of course, we're all excited to see how does everything works behind the curtains!

That's Mr Alan. He was our tour guide during our backstage tour. He's really nice! He literally brought us from every corner of the stage, explaining to us how does it works and etc.

Wardrobe of each cast!
From dresses to shoes, everything was well placed just for them to get changed.

Mics for the cast! 
Do you have any idea where do they place their mics at during their performance?
Nope, not at their backs or anything.
It's under their wigs!! How cool is that? 

Thank You, Mr Alan for having us!

Last but not least, meet the two lead cast from Dirty Dancing! 
They're superrrrrr nice & friendly!

After dinner, went for an impromptu shopping...... and it turned out to be more than that. 
It was more of like shopping-for-shoes day for me. I ended up buying a few pairs of shoes for myself, hehehehe. 
Now I'm guilty as charge. I need a bigger shoe rack. 

Now, that sums up everything! 

Lydia Izzati

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