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I am very particular about hair. Armpit hair. Pubic hair. For myself, I prefer to keep it hairless everywhere, down there (LOL!), because it makes me more confident. I shaved my armpit every day.  I shaved my legs every 3-4 days, well, depending on how fast the hair would grow. People would probably think like, "Aiyah, why would you wanna wax down there!? People won't see what!" Unless if you're married, your husband would be the one :p 

Initially, I would trimmed it off and keep it less hair as possible. But then, I still hate the idea of having hairs down there, so I started to.... shave.

Which is actually, not recommended.


When you shaved, within a few days, the hair growth can be seen at the surface of the skin and coarse stubble can be felt. Shaving commonly results in ingrown hairs, bumps and ongoing skin irritation. When waxed, hair grows back slower, softer and without stubble. When appropriate post-waxing home care is followed, waxing leaves virtually no ingrown hairs, bumps or skin irritation. Waxing will, over time, make hair re-growth softer. To cap it off, waxing works as a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin down under soft and smooth!

You get it now?

After all, being a woman myself, it's important not to just look good on the outside, but also to feel good. When you feel good, you'll be confident!

Last Tuesday, I had my first Brazilian waxing session with STRIP over at Mandarin Gallery. To be honest, I was quite reluctant to do it because my first brazilian experience wasn't really a good one. I could still remember that day, I was window-shopping in town and I randomly walked in to this particular shop to try out. I did it on impulse without having knowledge on what is it all about neither do I knew what to expect. After that day, I never thought of doing it again. So lesson learnt! Please read up and find out more before doing any treatments okay?

So, after reading all the positive reviews about Strip, I know I would be able to trust them, I know I could leave in their good hands, so I told myself, let's give it a shot.

STRIP has been around since 2002 and have grown from Singapore to 9 cities. Up till today, they have waxed more than 2 and a half million bushes!

When I first stepped into the outlet, I fell in love the ambiance! Very calm and soothing. I was warmly greeted by all the staffs there, makes me feel like home! Hehe. I guess the ambiance of the place really plays a part.

Pardon me for all my bare pale faces, I was actually from work. So that explains my tired face :/ 

Before I started my first session, Eugenia gave me a quick run-through of the process. Especially for Brazilian virgins, it definitely helps you with the mental preparations for what's to come and what to expect.

Initially she was so shy but I just had to force her to smile for my camera, lol!

A little heads up to you ladies on what's Brazilian Waxing is all about.

Brazilian Wax is the depilation of all hair from the pubic region, both front and back, including the vagina, perineum and anus (or they called it, crack!) Therefore, Strip’s specially formulated waxes shrink-wrap the hair so that no strip cloth is needed. It is uniquely devised and highly recommended for treating sensitive areas as it helps to minimize discomfort.

STRIP does it all by abiding their HSQ Mantra: Hygiene, Speed and Quality!

Hygiene: They are the first to introduce the "No Double Dipping" commandment. Which means, the sticks they used will be discard after every application.

Speed: Having experts to handle you, each session would take up about 15-30 minutes. Rest assured, it wouldn't be more than half an hour! Mine was about twenty minutes :D

Quality: The quality of Strip’s wax and post-wax care products will ensure that you get a good treatment without any skin inflammation and infections. They are also famous for their secret-recipe lotions and wax formulations.

Before going in, I was given seven drops of Bach Flower essence under my tongue. This actually helps to reduce the nerves and helps you to feel more calm when doing your treatment. Not only that, I was given this cute little squeezy toy to clench and squeeze during my treatment!

I was very shy at first. Of course, who wouldn't! Having a stranger fiddling around your "bottom area". In my mind I was hoping that my therapist would not remember my face as the one she waxed before, HAHAHA. But fret not, all of their waxperts are professionals. And I'm glad Jasmine was my therapist! She has been in this line for about five years and I'm sure she has seen much more worst cases than I am, LOL! So if you're worrying about all these, tell you what, DONT CARE LAH! JUST GIVE IT A SHOT.

That's me and my Waxpert therapist, Jasmine. 

So they brought me into their consultation room.. and I'm ready to go for my Strip-a-licious!

Mantras are all written over the room! Definitely good to keep yourself distracted during the whole process :p 

Introducing their newest Strip-a-licious Sundae, Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla all in one smooth serve!

First, the strawberry wax is applied. Developed specially for first time Brazilian virgins, Strip's Strawberry Wax packs the healing powers of Chamomile and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin. Especially creamy and easy to apply, it removes hair with minimal discomfort and leaves skin enveloped in a comforting strawberry scent.

After which, once the entire area has been waxed, chocolate wax is then used to remove any fine or stubborn hairs. Formulated with Titanium dioxide, the Chocolate Berry wax is super efficient in removing even the shortest and most stubborn hair with gentle ease to leave the skin completely smooth and fuzz-free.

You might be wondering if they're really wax, believe me, YES IT IS! It might look like some strawberry or hot fudge sundae, oh boy, you've yet to smell it! I would literally wanna eat them up cus it smells soooo goooood! :D

Last step! Strip's very own Ice Cream was applied over the area. It has been specially formulated to comfort and calm skin, making it an excellent after-care product for post-Brazilian skin. They even gave me one to bring it back home! How thoughtful! :)

Ice-cream can be found in all Strip outlets, retailing at $51.36.

After reading all of these, I'm sure most of you will start to question me...




Well, honestly, since I'm not a first timer for Brazilian waxing, I knew what to expect. The pain was bearable. I don't know how am I supposed to describe but, the feeling is more of like putting a scotch tape on your skin and you pulling it off. You'll feel more pain towards the sensitive areas, but fret not, the pain would probably last for only 3-5 seconds. The pain level varies for individuals, and it'll probably be less painful if you have lesser hair.

For first timers, you'll probably expect slight discomfort but it's definitely tolerable. As for myself again,  I do go for eyebrow threading and such, therefore I know how it feels like to have hairs being plucked out from the roots. Haha!


Indulge in a serving of Strip's Ultimate Brazilian Wax Combo at $25 (U.P. $62) by purchasing a voucher here!

Apply promo code "LydiaI" during check out and get additional 10% off!
Wanna get $10 off? 
Simply take a picture standing next to cut-out ice cream, 
tag them in their Instagram @StripSg, and hashtag #stripsundae #stripalicious
Flash it at the counter and there you go! :) 

Alternatively, you can go for your Strip-a-licious at any of their outlets in Singapore!
  • 100 AM
  • Beauty Emporium
  • Wheelock Place
  • Great World City
  • The Cathay
  • Ion Orchard
  • Mandarin Gallery
  • Katong
  • Paragon
  • Raffles City Basement
  • Raffles City Street Level
  • Holland Village
  • Vivo City
  • Tampines 1

Ice Cream can be found in all Strip outlets, retailing at $51.36.

Have a good strip-a-licious day ahead! 

Lydia Izzati

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