Friday, December 20, 2013

My Boracay Trip! Thank you, Tigerair!

So I'm back from my Boracay trip! It was definitely one of the best trips I've ever been to, and Boracay was one of my "Must-To-Go" holiday destination. So, yeay! Strike off from the list! :D

Before I proceed, I really wanna thank Gushcloud, my second family, for planning this whole trip for us and making it a success! Thank you Tigerair for flying us to paradise, thank you The District Boracay for making us feel at home during our stay there, thank you each and everyone for making this trip a memorable one! 

Aiya, thank so much for what? Because it's a SPONSORED trip! Heeheeeeee :D

Honestly, I have so much worries before going for this trip. Firstly, I consider myself like a "baby" in Gushcloud as I joined only about few months back. There's quite a number of people that I don't know or have not met yet. I was REALLY having doubts because the people that I'm close in Gushcloud couldn't make it for the trip! Like Asyiha, Eunice, Tyler etc. What's worst, when Sheena created the whatsapp group, I WAS LOST. Well I can say, 3/4 of the numbers are unknown and I barely know anyone. Then again, I was telling myself, "hey why not let's just go for it!". Who knows it'll be a good time for me to bond with the rest? 

And infact, it did. Read on.

Can never thank Tigerair enough for flying us!

The journey from Singapore to Kalibo International Airport took us approximately 3hrs and 40 minutes. For your information, there's no way for you to get to Boracay straight. Firstly, the minute you touch down, you'll need to to take land transfer to Caticlan Port. Therefore, do make sure that you have it arranged beforehand! The journey to Caticland Port took us about 1 hour 45 minutes close to 2 hours.    Lastly, you'll need to take a 20 minutes boat ride to Boracay Island! So, total journey was about 6 hours.

Most of us fell asleep during the ride, lol! Where else me, I was busy snapping pictures. The journey was less mundane thanks to the scenic views of the clouds, mountains and waters. 

The sun was beginning to set, and by the time we reached Caticlan Port, it was completely darkness! No photos taken during the boat ride as I was trying to keep cool. Lol! Oh in case you're wondering, I'm a sucker for any sorts of motion sickness. Sea sick was worst, and I actually managed to overcome it! Yippeee yay! 

Okay lah, actually 20 minutes ride only. That's why I didn't had any sea sick :p

And after which, 15 minutes ride to our resort!

We were hosted at The District, Boracay which is conveniently located at Station 2, in the middle of Boracay's long stretch of white sand beach.

I would strongly recommend The Distrcit, Boracay for it's prime location nicely located in the middle of Borcay's long stretch of white sand beach at Station 2. Just as you stepped out of the resort premises, a perfect view of white sandy beaches greeted you. Amazing, breath-taking view! I must emphasize again, it's really awesome. 

There's a total of 48 exclusive rooms at The District Boracay, offering four different room types. The Deluxe room that I stayed in is spacious and well appointed. I was pretty amazed that it could actually fit another extra bed! One queen sized bed for us each was already spacious enough for me!

Anyways, whenever it comes to holiday destinations, I am always particular about the cleanliness of the room. Toilets especially! And boy, I was really impressed!

What I love most about my hotel room, it's situated at the ground floor and it's just right in front of the pool! Perfect, perfect spot! I am truly blessed, hahaha. 

Now, I believe every Singaporean would always ask this question whenever they are at overseas, "Is there any Wifi here? Got free Wifi or not ah?!" So yes, plus point about The District Boracay, complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access is available at every part of the hotel! Very convenient for people like me who didn't purchase the sim card there. Lol!

It gets dark very early over there in Boracay. 8pm in Boracay equals to 5pm in Singapore. (When the fact that it's actually the same timing) Get me!? So it feels weird because we always thought it's already 10pm when it's only 8pm! Hahaha. 

So after settling down, we're off for Dinner with the group! Simply love the atmosphere at night. The bustling night market happens along the long bath between the beach and the resort. 


The food was average for me. To be honest, it's very hard to find a suitable place for me to dine in. I'm very fussy when it comes to food, and if there isn't anything that attracts me from the menu, I won't bother searching for something to eat. Hahaha. To my muslim readers who intends to go Boracay for your holiday trip, be prepared. Most of the restaurants there aren't halal and serves Pork, so you need to be very careful. However, you can consider ordering dishes like Chicken, Prawns or Squids. It wasn't really fulfilling for me as I couldn't eat much except for the seafood dishes :(

After dinner, we continued walking down the beach and settled down for a body massage! Managed to bargain and…. guess how much is it? 300 pesos! Which is equivalents to $8.50?!? DAMN CHEAP LA OMG! Sorry I didn't take note of the name of the place, but trust me, there's quite a number of massage places along the street. But be sure to bargain to get the best price! The trick is, try not to sound like tourist :p I think that's probably another plus point for me, because people there thinks I'm local and I could speak a lil bit of tagalog. HAHAHA! That pretty much summarize my Day 1 in Boracay.

I did not wake up for breakfast the next morning. I couldn't get off from my bed because it's too… AMAZING. Lol! So, skipped the breakfast part, all of us gathered at the hotel lobby to go for our Island Hopping!

Oh wait, allow me to share with you the breath-taking view of Boracay in the morning!

Don't even know what I'm doing. I was too exited so I jumped around, lol! Candid photos taken by my dearest Fiona! Hehe.

Pretty Nicole & Fiona! 

Pretty Serene & Tricia! :)

I was trying to take a perfect shot of me pretending to be on a titanic, but, failed. TETTTT! 
I didn't pee on my pants okay guys, I just happen to sit on a puddle of water -_-"

First stop, Crocodile Island

When I first heard Crocodile Island, I was like "Whuaaaaat!? Does that means there's real crocodiles there?!" 

The truth is, there's no crocodiles. And why is it named Crocodile Island? That's because the island is shaped like crocodile.  Look carefully!


Good spot for snorkeling! Well, I was having menses during my trip so, cranky me, I didn't wanna get into the water. So I stayed on the boat, happily feeding the fishes with biscuits, laughing looking at the rest snorkeling, taking pictures of them! Lol!

So next stop, Puka Beach!

Well, personally for me, Puka Beach is an image of what most people expect on a tropical island. White sand, clear blue water, and empty beach. The island is much quieter here. From what I know, Puka Beach has gotten it's name from the puka shells that can be found in the sands along the beach. The sands it's abit rough here if you're walking bare footed.

Proud of my Havaianas Sandals for making all the way through Borcay Island, lol! (Ok, lame -_-)

What bloggers do best, camwhore! Hahaha!
Nicole, Roseanne, Fiona, Joanna, Berlin and Kife.

My two darlings Fiona & Audrey! <3

While the rest enjoying their lunch, I couldn't help but to camwhore a lil bit more.
Noticed that I got a bit darker here? Yeah, the sun was scorching hottttttttttt la I tell you. I'm always having the love/hate relationship with the sun. Hahaha!

So, back to the hotel, freshen up and head out again for dinner! 

Imagined all 9 of us squeezed into the Tuk tuk?! We paid 100 pesos for the ride. So it's about 10 pesos each. Hehehe, managed to bargain! Actually, I'm not too sure if it's called Tuk Tuk in Philippines :p 

This time round, we're going for… Seafood feast!

One of the places that you wouldn't want to miss if you're in Boracay. Definitely a great food experience! Wide varieties of fresh seafood, from lobsters to prawns to clams, everything. So, how does it works? Walked around the wet market, choose whatever you want to eat, get to a nearby restaurant that accepts cooking services. For us, we settled down at Paluto, which is conveniently located just beside the wet market. At the restaurant itself, we can choose what type of cooking do we want. Whether we want our prawns to be grilled, crabs to be cooked in curry or whatsoever. Purrrrfect!

Again, like I've mentioned earlier, it's quite hard to find a proper halal muslim restaurant to dine in. Mainly most restaurants serves Pork in the menu. So it's best to eat Seafood! Some of the restaurants near the market cooked both seafood and meat (beef & pork) in their kitchen, so make sure you go to the ones cooking seafood only, if you're really particular about this. However, I've found out that there is a halal restaurant in D'Talipapa called "Khalil Muslim Food Stall". So to my dear muslim readers, probably you might want to check it out :)

Oh, let the pictures to the explanation! Everything here is extremeeeeeely huge!

Just take a look this! 
Looked like a giant cockles to me O.o

Vendor stalls who tries to flirt with me, hahahahaha. 

Well, be sure to bargain as much as you can. If you want something fresh, it doesn't come cheap. The seafood here can be quite pricey!

Kife caught red handed for camwhoring and taking videos all the time, lol! So funny la this guy. 

So yep, that pretty much summarize my Day 2! :)

It's a free and easy day for us the next day, some went for Cliff Jumping, Parasailing, ATV and so on. As for me, I decided to spend the day on my own. Relax, laze around on my hotel, sat by the beach and enjoying the sunset. Thank god for the wifi in the hotel, I managed to read a few of my readers comments and emails as they wanted to know more where to find halal food in Boracay.

So, my hunting begins!
Strolled down the beach to hunt for halal restaurants and…. tada! I've managed to found one!
True Indian Food Cuisine
Located at Station 2. As you can see, they serves wide variety of Indian food like Chicken Biryani and Tandoori Chicken. I managed to try out their Chicken Biryani and it feels like heaven. You know when you're not in your country and all you wanna eat was just your own local food? Lol! Maybe I was dying of food so everything seems nice to me. I was probably too hungry by then. Gobbled up everything in less than 10 minutes and I didn't managed to snap any pictures of the food. Pardon me! Hahahaha.

After which, I continued my solo trip walking down the beach again… without realizing that I was nearly at the end Station 2. And… guess what I found?


It feels like heaven once again the moment I stepped into the fast food restaurant. Suddenly I feel so close to home, hahaha! Knowing that it's already hard to find a halal restaurant here, fast food would definitely be a life savior! 

Everything look almost the same in the menu. 

So guess what I ordered? McSpicy! Hehe. My verdict? Well, pretty alright, not bad! Not as spicy as ours here in Singapore :p Well, that's how I felt. I'm a lover for spicy food, so, my tastebuds would probably different than yours, who knows it'll be spicy for some of you? Heh. Again, it would be better if they provide chili sauce. Oh yes, I've come to realize that there's no Chili Sauce in Boracay. I remember going to one of the food stall the day before to ordered fish & chips, and they did not have chili sauce either. So, please expect Tomato sauce instead, okay?

After filling my tummy, I was back to being a happy girl once again. So I walked back to our resort, chilled by the beach while enjoying the breath-taking view of the sunset! 

No words could describe how beautiful the sunset was.

Later on that night, all of us were gathered to have Gushcloud meeting cum briefing. I personally feel that it's a good time for us to understand better about what Gushcloud is all about. To be honest, when I first joined Gushcloud few months back, I wasn't sure of what to expect. With this briefing, it gave us a better understanding of the whole prospect, knowing what would benefit us in 2014 and years to come. I'm already excited to know what's in store for us in 2014, and definitely looking forward to work this together with my Gushcloud family! 

And after that, it's Dinner Time! Who doesn't love food? Lol! Again, my apologies, I didn't manage to charge my camera so, no photos again for dinner :(

Oh, did I told you that the hotel staffs gave us personalized luggage tag each on our last day? So sweet of them :)

Day 4

It was our last day of the trip :( 

Forced myself to wake up in the morning for breakfast since it's the last day. Well to be honest, I'm NEVER a morning person. I used to wake up in the morning everyday for school and work, but now that my filming schedule aren't fixed, so my whole body clock goes haywire. Hahaha! Another point, the bed was a killer. I guess that's mainly the reason why I couldn't wake up in the morning most of the time due to the suuuuuuper comfortable bed! I don't know how many times I must mentioned this, tsk.

Yeap, that's all I ate. Lol!
Like I mentioned earlier, I'm never a morning person. I seldom wake up for breakfast, and even if I do, I'll only have cereals for breakfast. 

After which, it was time for our hotel tour! Our tour host was kind enough to bring us around the hotel and showed us all different kind of room types. 

The awesome people who make my whole Boracay trip a memorable one..
Love them to every bits and pieces, tehehee. We've seen each other with our bare faces, smelly faces early in the morning, each other's bras and panties, HAHAHA. It's been one of my best four days waking up next to this two darlings. They are the ones who'll entertain my nonsense, talking crap with me, being patient with me esp Joanna who tries to wake us up for breakfast every time. Lol! Those nights where we gossiped about boys and shared about ghost stories, how can I not love you girls for always keeping me accompanied? Xoxo

My darling Fiona for always, always not making me feel left out. Our first time met at the airport and both of us were alone and not having any "partners" unlike anyone else. So we both told each other that, "don't worry, you have me and I have you." Hahaha! Awwww so sweet right :) Oh, for your info, Fiona is one talented photographer and she's the owner of Smitten Pixels Photography! She take superbly nice pictures okay! 

Dearest Kife! I swear he is so hilarious and he's always making the people around him laugh with his silly antics. Believe it or not, it was my first time meeting him and we could get along so well. I know I can always depend on him to make me laugh every single time. Hahaha!

 Our awesome neighbour next door, the three dudes! Jeremy aka Hellven, Kife and Fai.
Count ourself lucky because we got the ground floor room which is conveniently located right in front of the pool! We'll often go to each other's room to hang out, and let's say if one of us forgot our room keys, while waiting for our room mates, we hanged out at each other's room. Oh ya, not forgetting, sharing each other's toilet, HAHAHA.

Not forgetting the chio Zhou sisters! That's Jolene. (Missing out the another half, Lucinda!) 
It was really nice knowing both of them. I swear they're such a sweetheart! <3 Oh in case you're wondering, they are the owners of OhVola blogshop! :) 

Didn't managed to take solo pictures with the rest of the gushers, sadly :( 

And of course, this trip wouldn't happen without these important people.

The wonderful staffs of The District Boracay
Thank you so much for the warm hospitality, ensuring us feeling comfortable, just like home. Thank you for always attending to our needs, answering our questions, helping us with informations getting around Boracay. Thank you for always cleaning up my room everyday, haha! I totally enjoyed my stay here over at The District Boracay.

Thank you, Tigerair for flying us to paradise!
Our trip wouldn't possibly happen without them :)

Oh, do you know that Tigerair is now flying to Yangon?
 Just a little bit background. Yangon is a former capital of Burma (Myanmar) and the capital of Yangon Region. Yangon, with a population of over five million, is the country's largest city and the most important commercial centre. Definitely a great destinaiton to explore next, if you wanna consider! :) 

And lastly, thank you to my Gushcloud family for making this whole trip a memorable one. I'm so, so blessed. Just within four days, it brought each and one of us closer. Especially to those few people whom I've never met before or never talked to, thank you for allowing me to get to know you guys better. Thank you to our CEO and CMO for making this whole trip a dream come true for us! Thank you to our dear Gushcloud team, Sheena Freda Audrey Fai Xuen for taking care of us still even though it's off work, lol! Thank you everyone for making it happen! So much love for my Gushcloud family!

Cheers to our awesome Boracay Trip and to many more vacations to come in the future! 

Lydia Izzati


  1. you know right that mcdonalds in philippines is not halal?

  2. Other than Khalil is there any other restaurants that don't cook pork?
    I'm gonna be there in March for 4 days. I certainly hope that me & hubby do not have to survive on breads & instant noodles.. lol!!

  3. I almost hentam you cos i thought you ate at the food place yang serve pork because they cook everything in the same kuali sister.

  4. FIRST you comming to the Philippines which is a CRISTIAN country of course they eat pork my God. If you dont eat pork bring your own food period.

  5. Actually there a few restaurants that serve HALAL food in Boracay. Please take not as a Muslim we CAN'T share even frying pan, pot, fork, spoon etc that serve pork. Chicken, beef, or lamb that not slaughter by Muslim people also CAN'T EAT (Non Halal). Check this out.


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