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Review: Lofa Lens

If you have no idea, I actually do not own a perfect eyesight. I used to own a pair of spectacles but I rarely use them. Mainly because I always feel that I look weird in it. Secondly, I find it troublesome for me to wear it. Thirdly, I don't wear it on a constant basis, I love taking out and wearing it again, and therefore, it's really troublesome. And lastly, I recently misplaced my specs and I couldn't be bothered to find it. 

Sad but truth.

Therefore, contact lens had always been a life savior! Allow me to share with you guys my honest opinion on various contact lens I've tried. No, I'm not paid to write positive or negative comments for any brands.

During my younger teenage days, I used to wear Freshkon. Probably because Freshkon was the in-thing during my time, well it's really cheap, and everyone's using it. Pros about Freshkon, it has wide range of colors for you to choose from. What's more, it's easily to be found in any optical shop. Sooner, I've come to realize that my eyes ALWAYS turn reddish every time I wear them. It became my main concern in getting a perfect pair of lens. I have very sensitive eyes. My eyes are very dry and they turn red very easily, thus, I knew I couldn't stick to Freshkon anymore. My eyes condition got worst and there was a time I got eye infection. Consulted the doctor, and he told me to change my contact lens brand. So bye bye Freshkon, you suck :(

I start googling for good daily lens.. and that's when I figured out Acuvue lens. Acuvue lens is probably the only daily lens that I will ever purchase because it's really good! I remember wearing it for almost 10hrs and still not feeling any itch or dryness. Cons about this lens, IT'S DAMN EXPENSIVE. Sigh :( I guess good things always comes with a price, right? One box of Acuvue lens cost me about $64, comes with 15 pairs of lens. Imagine having to purchase two box of Acuvue lens every month? Another hole in my pocket, lol! What's more, Acuvue lens has limited choice of colors (only three?), that you can hardly tell whether you're wearing any lens or not. Because I guess they're really focusing on looking very natural, therefore their colors are all natural shade.

So you see, it's never easy to find a good quality of contact lens, with a reasonable price and a wide range of colors. Something that I can wear on a daily basis, for either daily routine or on special occasions. That's when I figured out…

Lofa Lens

Read on..

Of course, who doesn't know Neelofa? The ever-so-gorgeous-drop-dead Malaysian actress whom I truly admire. Not for just her beauty, but also her courage and determination in becoming a successful entrepreneur too, at her age. 

Met her once when she was in Singapore Expo. I didn't really had the chance to talk to her, but she's really…..gorgeous. Sigh *fan-girling* Hahaha! Before this, I had quite a number of people telling me how I looked like her. I even had a few malaysian fans sending me messages in Facebook thinking if I'm her twin (I secretly wish!)… and what's even funnier, my pictures ever came out in a few Malaysian online forums saying that I look like her. 

HAHAHA! Okay, I'm not making up guys. Please don't vomit okay. 
Hi Neelofa, if you're reading this, I'm your fan! Please don't freak out :D

So, Lofa Lens is renowned by Neelofa herself. I used to stalk her almost all the time at her Instagram photos and I've always admired her EYES. I kept wondering what contact lens she used and secretly wished she would share with her fans one fine day, and poof! She's now the owner of her own Nofa Lens. And course, who wouldn't be excited to try out the lens that she's been wearing!

What's more exciting, I can now easily get their lens from Lofa Lens Official Agent Singapore! Yup, they are the Authorized Agent of Lofa Lens based in Singapore. Not to worry my Singaporean readers, you can now easily get your lens without going through the hassle of getting it from Malaysia. Check them out here: @lofalensagent_sg 

Thanks to them, I was given the opportunity to try them out! Honestly, I was very concerned in trying new contact lens brand that's because I have very sensitive eyes. I was afraid if it doesn't suits my eyes.

Most of people always felt that we bloggers are being paid to write good comments about a certain product to be advertised. True enough. But as for me, I'm very honest and genuine in giving my sincere reviews. I select my advertorials very carefully and I'll make sure I'll love the item before I introduce it to my readers. And… verdict for Lofa Lens?


I don't know how many times I gotta emphasize that I have VERY SENSITIVE EYES, and Lofa Lens  doesn't disappoint me at all! On the first day I wore them out, I had it on for almost 10 hours and I could barely feel that I'm wearing one. It's so comfortable that I almost forgot that I had it on! Even after 10 hours of wearing them, my eyes surprisingly didn't turn reddish. And it doesn't dry my eyes. Not at all.

I am a happy consumer!

Comes with 7 different shades of colors hand-picked by Neelofa herself. 

So what I love about them? Everything is pink! From the packaging box to the paper bag, it's PINKKKKKKK! My favourite color, of course. Hehehe. 

First color that I picked: Smokey Brown

I love the fact that the color blends in naturally with my eyes. For a person like me who work for long hours, traveling one place to another, involved in various shoots, it's a perfect complement to my busy lifestyle. I now don't have to choose between health and beauty because Lofa Lens gives me the best of both world. 

Details of the contact lens:
Materials: 2-Hema
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Power: Plano and also -0.50 to -8.00 (0.50 steps)

How long can the lens last? 1 month!

I just had too much nice photos that I want to share all to everyone! Pardon me for flooding with all my selfies. :D

Next color that I picked: Gorgeous Pink

Honestly, I was afraid if the "pink" looks weird on me because I've never tried pink colored contact lens in my entire life. I've always sticked to subtle colors like Brown and Grey, so this time round I told myself why not I be a little bit daring and give it a try!

And to my surprise, I love this shade of pink! This is my first time trying pink and definitely won't be my last time wearing it. Not too bright, not too.. dollish? Just nice!

Here's how it looks like on natural light. I love it! 

 And more shiok sendiri shots. Couldn't help it but to camwhore even more! :D

Beauty is honesty and confidence. There's nothing more beautiful than being comfortable in your own skin.

Of course, who doesn't want to look good for Aidilfitri? :)

Now here's a promotion specially for my readers and followers. Simply quote, "Lydia Izzati" when you purchase from @LofaLensAgent_Sg and you'll be entitled to get their Hari Raya Promo Rates!

1 box - $26
2 boxes - $51
3 boxes onwards - $25 each
So hurry, grab your best friend to get it with you and you'll get it at a cheaper price! 

Promotion will start from NOW till the last day of Ramadhan, 27th July! So hurry, grab them now! :)

Don't forget to tag me when you're wearing them out! :)

Till then! 

Lydia Izzati


  1. Wow! You look fabolous, gurl. <3

    But, I think the price is really expensive despite the fact these lens can be used for a month only. You know la, I'm pretty much kedekut. Lols.


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