Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Short Getaway to... Montigo Resort!

My long awaited deserved break.. finally!

I've been wanting to go on a short trip, and I'm glad I've picked to go Montigo Resorts in Batam! If you're looking to go somewhere relaxing, not too far, without having to take a fight, I guess this is the perfect choice. I brought my family along on this trip, because I guess it's the best choice after all, to be spending with your loved ones. That's all matters. 

We've booked a Ferry (via BatamFast) and depart from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal instead of Harbourfront Cruise Centre as we were told that it'll be nearer from Nongsapura. So, do take note guys! Otherwise, if you choose to alight at Batam Centre, the journey will be about 45mins to the

Ferry ride was pretty quick, about 45 minutes, and as soon as we arrived at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, we were warmly greeted by the friendly staff from Montigo. Everything was all well-taken care of! They even arranged a pick-up from us. It was only 3-5 minutes drive away from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal!

As soon as we reached the lobby, we were warmly greeted by the friendly staffs. Windi, assisted us with the check-in and ensured everything is all well-planned for our 3 Days 2 Night stay here in Montigo.

Very clean and spacious lobby!

And so, here's the long awaited moment.. I'm so excited to share with you guys our home for 3 days!

This huge 3 storey Villa was home for 3 days! Don't think I can even afford one like this in Singapore. Lol!

The Villa compromises of three levels:
Level 1- The living room, Dining area, and of course your very own private pool. 
Level 2- Two bedrooms, both equipped with their very own bathroom. 
Level 3- Rooftop/Sky Terrace (Great for BBQs, which I will share on the later part of the post!)

I was quite surprised that they provided Wii console games too in the Villa! I personally feel that it's quite well equipped, thus you won't feel bored not knowing what to do.

There's actually a mini kitchenette in the living room, which comes with induction cookers, microwave ovens, a minibar, and everything else all equipped with pots and pans, plates, cutleries for you to use and cook if you want to! Which I find it pretty awesome and useful cus... my mum actually brought her own ingredients to cook Soto Ayam on our second day! Lol! 

Dining table located at the balcony, just beside the infinity plunge pool.

(Mind the tag lah k!)

Simply love the view from our Villa! It is truly a luxury to have a private pool in your own villa.

And the master bedroom is super huge! Comes with the king-sized canopy bed, I think it suits well for couples especially. Oh, did I tell you the bed is amazing? I had a hard time waking up from the bed every morning for breakfast, heh. Plus, it's quite huge too. 

The master bedroom comes with it's very own LCD TV with a small selection of channels. We even get to watch Suria and Channel 5 from our TVs in the Villa! Feels like home, aye? There's a sofa bed in front of the TV console area, which can also be made as the extra bed.

See the curtains behind the huge bed? That's where it leads to your very own en suite bathroom! I was so amazed with the oversized bathtub! Totally gave me the Bali feels. It also comes with separate rain shower. 

The second bedroom is smaller and it comes with two twin bed. But what I love about this Villa, both rooms has their own personal bathroom. Oh! Did I tell you there's another bathroom at Level One too? Saves a lot of our time as we all don't have to wait to take turns to shower.

Spot the hands, lol! I can never take photos properly, always getting photobombed! 

The bathroom is slightly smaller and doesn't have a bathtub, compared to the master bedroom's one.

Soon after, it was lunch time. So we decided to have lunch at  Montigo's Resort all-day dining restaurant, Tadd's which offers both local and western cuisine. Well, it's quite convenient and accessible to go around in Montigo. Simply dial for the Buggy service, and they'll assist you anytime, 24/7.

Lunch at Tadd's Restaurant was pretty good. Currencies at this point was $1 = IDR 9,500 but to not make things confusing for ourselves to count, we estimate it to $1 = IDR 10,000. Lol! 

I ordered the Ayam Panggang Berempah for myself. Served with steamed rice, it compliments well with the oven-roasted spring chicken, prawn crackers, spiced long beans and their sambal.. fuh! Shiok! 

Montigo Ayam Panggang Berempah (IDR 135,000++) approx $14. 

Ikan Kakap Bakar (IDR 135,000 ++) approx $14.

Tahu Tek (IDR 85,000++) approx $9.

Full breakfast with fresh farm eggs (IDR 85,000++) approx $9

Well, the price is kindda costly if you ask me. But we wanted to give it a try so we know what to expect and work on our budget for the remaining days. There isn't any nearby restaurants outside the resort, thus, you'll ended up eating at the resort itself. Met Nereng, who was also the manager in Tadd's Restaurant, I think she deserves a recognition for her tremendous service. Super friendly and outgoing person! And always cracking up a conversation with us. There's never a time I've seen her not smiling throughout serving us. I guess, it's all worth the price paid. Good service over anything else! 

Well, if you decided to cut cost, my advice, cook! Bring maggie, bread, chips, biscuits, milo sachets or whats not. 

 Mandatory OOTD shot at this flight of stairs :p

After lunch, we proceed to take a tour around the resort. There are two main pools in the resort which you can utilise. One located outside the TIIGO restaurant and the other one is outside TADD's restaurant. 

Love this pool but I didn't had the chance to dip into this one because I was too lazy, haha. But it's so Instagram worthy lah! Kindda regretted not dipping in this pool now. Sobs!

After which, we proceed to take a walk at the jetty in front of the resort. There's too many Instagram worthy spots around the resort, so be sure to take as much as you can and flood your Instagram photos!

I used to see these photos in people's Instagram and now I'm seeing it in real life. So that's the overview of Montigo Resort! 

We went for a site tour after that and was given the privilege to view the Premier 3-Bedroom Villa.. which was even more, HUGE. 

Head back to our Villa afterwards and prepare for dinner time at Pantai Restaurant. Like I mentioned earlier, we decided to give both restaurants a try on Day 1 so we can know roughly what to expect.  Pantai Restaurant offers a mix of Indonesian and Singaporean favourites, as well as fresh seafood too. So if you're up for Seafood, you can give it a try!

This was the menu prepared by the Chef for us. Of course, you can choose your own ala-carte menu if you want. 

I think this was my favourite of all. I love seafood! 

Food was pretty average, but the rustic ambience truly accentuated the feeling of being far away from home. Again, it's quite costly if you ask me. But it's something that we kindda expect out of it. We spent a total of IDR 1,300,000++ if I can remember correctly. But it was super filling! We couldn't finish up the remaining foods :( 

Back at our Villa, everyone's just lazing around in the living room. I think that's what we do best. 
Oh! Yes. There's free wifi around the resort.. which is amazing! Don't have to worry about not being connected even after stepping out of the villa. Free wifi is available all around the resort. Whopp!

Realised that my room has been turned down. They made my bed, replaced the towels... and oh! Found this cutie elephant too! Or is it, rabbit? 

Again, what we all do best. Taking silly photos, ruining all my nice shots, ended up not knowing which photos to post because most are uncensored ones. Yup, that's my family. Haha! 

Had our breakfast the next day at Tadd's restaurant. Breakfast is included for 2 pax, thus additional pax is about RP 191,000+ roughly for the breakfast buffet. Alternatively, your additional pax can just order ala-carte from the menu. Which we did! Because it was much cheaper of course, hehe.

Love the wide breakfast spread!

Eggs hemingway & Full breakfast with fresh farm eggs

Club Pancakes! I love this. (IDR 65,000++) which is equivalents to $7

It was only the three siblings who went for breakfast. My mum and dad decided to chill and spend their time at the villa. Little did I know she was actually cooking Soto Ayam for lunch, lol. 

 On our second day, Windi specially arranged an itinerary for us, which is "The Chef Experience". So what's Chef Experience? Fishing, Cooking class and Dining! They first brought us to the jetty for us to do fishing. And once we caught the fish, we'll cook them and.. eat! Interesting, right? :D

So after about 45 mins of fishing.. we didn't get to fish anything. HAHAHA! It was even tougher than I thought. I thought I was as skilful as prawning, but maybe it was just not my luck. 

We proceed to our cooking class, and Chef Babea was nice enough to replace us with a fresh fish for us to cook. (Just pretend it was me who caught the fish lah! Lol!) 

First dish was Gado-Gado. 

Next dish, Baked Fish wrapped in Banana Leaf. 

Damn look at those Tiger Prawns! 

And lastly, Gangan Prawn! This is my favourite of all.
 Sedap gila, not exaggerating. 

Thank you Chef Babea for being a wonderful masterchef in guiding us! He's so generous in sharing us his tips and recipes. We truly enjoyed our cooking class. 

We requested for the dishes to be packed and send back to our Villa because I wanted to share my cooking with my parents, hehe. And of course, dining in together at our own villa. They were so nice to accommodate to my humble request. 

Lunch by the pool! So glad they enjoyed my cooking, hehe. 

Later part of the day, I decided to bring my mummy along for a spa treat to have some "Bonda Bonding" time! Haha. It was one of the activity that I look forward to most, because I was really in need of a good massage.

Loving the ambience which gives me a Bali feel~ 

I've always been a huge fan of massage and spa treatment, thus, I truly enjoyed my session there. Both me and my mum had our 90mins of Montigo Massage. Both of us fell asleep halfway! The private spa villas were located by the beach, thus you get the sound of the waves crashing on the sand. Simply love the ambience! Both of our therapist did a wonderful job in doing our massage.

Back at our villa and by that time, the staffs were already setting up for our In-house BBQ at the rooftop. And I think this was one of the main highlight of our trip.

Can we take a few seconds to appreciate this beautiful view!? And this beautiful set-up done by the staffs.. it was truly amazing! I think it really suits well for couples or honeymooners especially. You'll definitely love it. 

Thank you Chef Imam for assisting us with the BBQ and helping us! 

We had the "Montigo Private Surf & Turf" set. (IDR 999,000++) Which comes with beef tenderloin, lamb chops, squids, king prawns, basil snapper fillet and so much more. Alternatively, you can also opt for your own ala-carte menu items. I wish to personally thank Windi and her team for arranging this for us, we truly had a memorable experience dining at the rooftop at our own villa. 

Not much photos taken, cus all of us were too busy gobbling up the food. Lol! 

After a good dinner, we decided to utilise the pool and go for a night swim! Like, finally.

It was our last day in Montigo :( Since we took the last ferry at 6.10pm Batam time, we decided to make full use of the time left. Had our breakfast at the Tadd's restaurant, and after which, we booked a taxi to Nagoya Hill. 1-way taxi from Montigo to Nagoya cost about 230,000RP per trip. We didn't wanna have so much hassle, so we booked 2-way instead. The driver was kind enough to offer to wait for us till the end. Journey from Montigo to Nagoya was about 45mins. 

We did plenty of things at Nagoya. Mum had her hair cut, coloured and treatment. I did wash & blow for my hair. All of us went for another round of massage for an hour. Cheap and good! 78,000RP for one hour of foot massage. And of course, what's Batam without A&W? 

Sigh. Kindda miss having A&W in Singapore. Back then, my dad will bring me to Ten Mile Junction for it. Good old days..

We spend a good 3 hours in Nagoya and proceed back to Montigo to check out. Windi was nice enough to extend our check out time till 5pm. Thus, we were able to rest for awhile, wash up and pack our stuff before checking out. We spent the last few moments taking photos around the resort before we finally bid goodbye :(

Personally, I truly enjoyed my stay in Montigo Resort. It was really a memorable experience, spending the time with my family. I guess if you're looking for a short getaway without having to travel far, I would definitely recommend Montigo Resorts. Just a 40 ferry ride away. You'll be able to enjoy the comfort of a private villa with your loved ones. We went on a weekday, thus it was much quieter around. Rates varies, depending on the Villa category (ours was the Seafront Villa) and their peak period, so it'll be cheaper to go on weekdays. There's quite a couple of activities to do around. You can event rent board games/card games from the reception! Basically, it's all about relaxing and nothing else! 

I would like to personally thank their wonderful staffs for going the extra mile throughout their stay. Windi, who assisted us during check-in, and also liaising with me via Whatsapp if I need anything, Dian from the front desk for assisting us with our enquiries, Nereng and her Tadd's team for always being warm and welcome during our meal time. There's too much names to be mentioned, but thank you to all the staff who served us! We were truly humbled. Love the service! Thank you for making our stay in Montigo a memorable one! :)

I'll definitely come back next time, if you ask me. 

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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